A simple thought process that may just change your life.

In a society where ‘more is better,’ it’s not surprising that people don’t stop to ask themselves this very question.

Success is often measured by how much money people have, by the car they drive, or the house they live in, or the latest tech gadget they hold in their…

How I plan to use Tim Denning’s advice to make $1,000

I am new to writing, but I feel drawn to it.

I remember as a child writing short stories. I would spend hours writing in a makeshift paper book bound with staples in the fold.

I am grateful to have discovered Medium. That fire within rekindled.

I have published ten…

Follow these simple morning rituals to start your day right.

A solid morning routine has long been the backbone of self-care practice. A morning routine is said to boost happiness, increase productivity, and reduce stress.

The way our morning begins sets the mood for the whole day. Think back to a rushed morning. Maybe you spilled coffee on your top…

Liz Smith

Content Creator inspiring others to think big, and live their best lives. Self-Improvement, Freedom & Finances.

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